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What Makes Us Different?

Beauty supply stores service black people, but 95% do not have black owners. Beauty Supply stores are staples in the black community. As a black woman who frequents beauty supply stores, I found beauty supplies severely lacking in many aspects. The stores are unorganized, and the practices are discriminatory. My store is a black woman business that caters to black women and their hair. Black Hair is a highly complex issue. Nobody understands the struggle better than a black sister, veteran, mother, and daughter. My store is a place of comfort where black women can walk in and feel at home, a place where they will not be discriminated against. The lack of representation in this market left a gap for black women, and I intend to fill that gap. My store is filled with black-owned brands and black women to braid hair start and maintain locs. It's time for black women to take back the beauty supply industry.

Marie L Decius

CEO, Founder
Salon Motto

Welcome To a Full-Service Braiding Salon

At Belle Beaute Store, you’ll soon find a modern, luxurious salon that’s the perfect environment for pampering, owing to my welcoming personnel and homely vibes. You’ll walk out looking – and feeling – gorgeous.

  • Our Mission

    My Braiding business has built up a stellar reputation over the years by perfecting my craft. I specialize in afro-hairdressing and am an expert when it comes to cornrows, braids, locs, and twists. I have had years of experience to perfect my incredible skills.

  • Our Vision

    Now, we added an array of products from beauty supply items and tee shirts sourced from unique vendors. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can take care of your style from head to toe when you shop here. I also maintain a healthy amount of regular essentials so you’ll never have to miss out. There are many great products just waiting for you, so feel free to drop in to get a feel of what I offer.

  • Our Team

    We are lucky to have a team of highly qualified and experienced employees that have committed their lives to serving our customers.

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